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David Dorado

He is a DJ born in Madrid (Spain) who is known for offering sessions and shows full of rhythm and energy.

Perfil Dorado Sound
Escalera DoradoSound

His interest in electronic music, especially in the Tech and House genres, began in the 1990s.

At the beginning of the new millennium it will be launched in a more professional way.

The club culture he saw and heard during those years is what has led him to have such a characteristic style and to manage to offer a rhythmic and danceable show.

His sessions range from deep house to Soul/Funk/Disco, House, Afro house.

We have been able to listen to David Dorado in well-known clubs in Madrid such as D’Boveda in DEEP GROUND, LOLA09, MORODER SOUND and of course, in the mythical AREIA.

Places more than known in the center of the capital, where their common point is to create a bridge between the best DJs of Madrid and their public, taking care of their followers and rewarding the style and philosophy of the club above all.

David Dorado director de DoradoSound

Ibiza is another of his favourite places, where he has been able to display all his potential in different styles. We have been able to see him in clubs like PUNTA ARABI in his IBIZA GROOVE parties and in the opening of the famous OPENING terrace. 

This trajectory in Ibiza leads him to make the opening of such an emblematic place as EL CAFÉ DEL MAR (Mallorca).

But there is nothing better than living his sessions or his radio broadcasts.

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